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Team 2013-2014


4 Belinda Bos
5 Kim Hartman
6 Nina Burgert
7 Sanne van Dongen
8 Beau Baars
9 Randell van der Lee
11 Molly McDowell
12 Nadine Boesaart
13 Anete Horelika
14 Ayla Simdorn
15 Tessa de Bie
16 Mirthe Meskers
17 Kesha Mosley


Coaches: Ilija Bozovic, Boris Jurkic
Fysiotherapie en conditie: René Wormhoudt, Gerald Noorden
General manager: Sabrina Oudkerk Pool
Manager: Jan Jannes
Scouting: Arnold Visser
Video: Jim Kaal

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