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Brian Hirman


Brian Hirman (1969) is married to Eveline and has two kids: Milan and Claire. Daughter Claire is currently playing in the women U16 team of Loon Lions.

Brian practically played his whole active basketball carrier as point guard with Early Bird in the 2nd Division (Promotiedivisie) of the Netherlands. Started his coaching carrier as coach of several Early Bird youth teams. After he stopped as active player for Early Bird, Brian also (temporarily) stopped with coaching to give priority to his work as founder of an internet company.

When his daughter Claire decided to start playing basketball in 2010, Brian -as an enthusiastic father- picked up coaching again and started to coach the women U12 at Derba De Rijp. He coached the core of this Derba team until season 2013/2014 and became champion of North-Holland and runner-up in the National Championship women U14. In season 2014/2015 Brian started to coach at Loon Lions as head-coach of the women U16 (playing in the highest national division) and assistent-coach to Laki Lakner for the first ladies team.

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