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8 Sharon Beld



Born on August 19th 1988 in Tubbergen | Comes from an extremely talented basketball famlily, with three sisters who also play high level basketball, Myrthe, Judith and Iris | Studied podology in Enschede | Works at Medisch Voetcentum Amsterdam | Played for Perik Jumpers (later renamd to Eurosped Twente) since her early youth | Spent one year in Amsterdam at the CTO before starting an international career, playing a short period for Conquero in Spain before signing with Oberhausen in Germany, where she played for two seasons, reaching the finals of the play-offs in 2014 | Played for the Dutch national team on several occassions, most recently in the 2011 EC division A qualification round, averaging 2.6 points pg | Signed with Loon Lions in the summer of 2014, reuniting with her sister Myrthe.

2014-2015 season

Averaged 14.3 points and 7.6 rebounds per game, leading the team in both categories.

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