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16 Mirthe Meskers




Born in 1995 | Lives and studies in Amsterdam | Played for Den Helder before joining ProBuild Lions and BC Apollo in the summer of 2012 | Was part of the selected group of players for the national U17 and U18 team in 2012

2014-2015 season

Played in 7 games, averaging 1,6 ppg.

2013-2014 season

Averaged 2.6 points and 12 minutes in 29 games | Led the team in free-throw percentage (23/19, 82.6%)

2012-2013 season

Averaged 1.2 points in 18 games and 9.7 minutes of playing time per game | Scored a season-high 9 points on November 3rd vs her former team of Den Helder

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