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13 Anete Horelika

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Graduated from Turiba University, Riga-Strand, Latvia, in 2009 | Lives in Tukums, Latvia, when not abroad playing basketball | Signed with ProBuild Lions in september 2012 | Played for Carmelitas Ourense (9.0 ppg) and Aranz-Jopisa Burgos (8.4 ppg) in Spain in the 2010-2011 season | Played for SK Cesis in Latvia in the 2011-2012 season, averaging 11.5 points and 10.6 rebounds per game | Is a member of the Latvian national team, qualified for the European Championships in 2012, scoring 4.5 ppg in 17 minutes pg | More stats

2013-2014 season

Averaged 14.4 ppg and 8.3 rpg. Led the team in rebounding.

2012-2014 season

Averaged 10.8 points and 8.2 rebounds over the season, but stepped up spectacularly in the play-offs, replacing injured Belinda Bos at power forward in the starting line-up and raising her average to 19.1 points and 11.3 rebounds per game | Led the team in rebounding and field-goal percentage (47.2)

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