Saturday, ProBuild Lions Can Win First Trophy

During the season the Probuild Lions have an opportunity to win 4 trophies. Their first chance comes this Saturday against Lekdetec in the Super Cup. The Super Cup pairs the National Champions from the previous season against the Beker Cup winner from the previous season. In the 2011 Beker final Lekdetec defeated the Lions 57-62. However, Probuild took down Lekdetec in the semifinals of the playoffs 3-1 in the best of 5 series on their way to the National Championship.

Molly McDowell holds the Cup (which isn’t a cup actually) in 2011

Both teams have different rosters from the previous season. The Lions return only five player and have added eight new players. The new additions include five players who will play with the Lions as well as the U20 team from Apollo. These players include Nina Burgert, Beau Baars, Declica van West, Tesse de Bie and Mirthe Meskers. The other additions include new American Katie Bussey, Ayla Simdorn from Apollo, and Anete Horelika from Latvia, who played last season in the Spanish first division.

Lekdetec added Karin Kuijt (Katwijk), Jill Bettonvil (CTO) and Lynn Bettonvil (Black Eagles). Fieke Ligthart took her skills to Den Helder, Kris Biesters is playing in a lower division and Janelle Bekkering is playing in Belgium.

Game time for Saturday is 20.30. Prior to the start of the game each first division team will be introduced. If all goes according to plan, there will be a live stream of the game at Ustream and on ProBuild Lions’ website.

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