To all the Probuild Lions Fans

On behalf of the team, i would like to thank you all for continually coming to our games to support us. I know the expectations for the season were and still are very high and the way we have played thus far is disappointing. I just want all of our fans to know that we are not satisfied with our play or the position where we stand at the moment. However, our coaching staff and every member of our team are committed to getting better and we are doing everything we can to improve.

Our goals have not changed and with the team we have, our goals are very realistic. We want to win the last two prizes of the season. We are aware we will not be able to accomplish this with the way we have been playing. Changes are being made and we are working hard to not only accomplish these goals but also to be more fun for you all to watch.

We appreciate your support and believe me when i say that we will begin to transform into a new team that you will be proud to support!

Molly McDowell #11